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JNT Solutions, LLC is a limited liability company chartered in the State of Nevada on September 2, 2009. The Company is a Nevada Licensed Real Estate Broker with license number B.0000652.LLC.   The Company does computer software developement and leases time on its IBM System i computer.  The Company also does business consulting.   

Jack N. Tedford, III, President of the company, is the Nevada licensed real estate broker of record for the company. We are located in Incline Village, Nevada.  We first opened a real estate office in Fallon, Nevada in 1974 operating as Tedford Realty.  In 1994 the real estate business became part of JNT, inc., a Nevada corporation.  In 2001 the Company moved the office to Incline Village, Nevada on the north shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe.  The real estate business became part of JNT Solutions, LLC in 2009.

Jack N. Tedford, III, President of the company, is available as a business consultant to help other companies with his business expertise acquired during 40 years in business. 

The Company is pursuing computer software development and marketing and data processing for clients.  The company uses an IBM System i computer which can be accessed by clients via internet connection.  We have developed numerous computer programs which operate on IBM AS/400 and IBM eServer System i computers. Computers used in the past include IBM 5110, IBM System 34, IBM System 36 and IBM AS/400. 

We also work with a third party computer software company who developes its software on our IBM system. 

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